Our Story

What's in a yoga mat? Not so much, is what I thought, before my friend Johan, based in Taiwan, sent me a new yoga mat to try out.
For someone that has done yoga for over 15 years, I never really thought that a yoga mat could make a difference to my practice. I always just saw it as essentially a way to prevent you from making a sweaty mess on the yoga studio floor. But as soon as I tried out that yoga mat I realized I was wrong, the difference in grip and support were astounding, I also found that I no longer needed to put a towel down on my mat since it wicks up moisture and provides grip even when wet.

The problem was, these mats were only available in the East, and they were made using PVC, a plastic that's particularly unfriendly to the environment.
Leveraging the fact that Johan was based in Taiwan and spoke Mandarin, and that I was an Industrial Designer, we created Mocana to manufacture a mat with the same amazing performance, that was also environmentally friendly and specifically, beautifully designed. With the creation of the Mocana Yoga Nimbus mat, we succeeded in bringing a truly remarkable mat to our loyal customers, and we've applied the same philosophy in our range of Mocana yoga accessories.

We sincerely believe that our Mocana Yoga products are amongst the best on the market and we hope you try them to discover this for yourself.

 -Wouter & Johan.